Safety Power LED
stationary lighting for trailers

Unlit trailers are nearly invisible when it's dark or the weather conditions are poor. And that’s just begging for traffic trouble and hazardous situations. Good thing there’s a solution! Safety Power LED: a smart, simple lighting system for stationary trailers, semi-trailers and low-loaders.

Increased safety for road users and your trailer due to good visibility

Quick installation and simple handling make it remarkably user friendly

Rugged and energy-efficient device with optimised battery monitoring


electrical connector for charging while driving


We deliberately chose to use the same plug the tractor has, to prevent drivers from accidentally forgetting it. To charge the powerbox, all the driver has to do is plug the trailer's lighting cable into the tractor on departure.

A blink code signals when the powerbox has started charging. When uncoupling the trailer, the driver unplugs the powerbox from the tractor and plugs it into the trailer to turn on the lights.

If the driver doesn’t plug the powerbox into the trailer, a blink code will display confirming that the Safety Power LED is charged and ready for use.


24-hour autonomous power to light your trailer


The powerbox supplies the lights on the disconnected trailer with electricity. When fully charged, the battery lasts for approximately 24 hours.

Planning on plugging it into the tractor? If so, the tractor will take care of charging the powerbox battery. The system operates using a 24-Volt DC power supply, with a 20 W dual circuit.

Optimised battery monitoring ensures that the powerbox is safeguarded against overcharging, discharge and dual use. The system only powers the marker lamps.


secondary circuit, short-circuit protected


The Modulator is a secondary circuit that you add to the trailer’s existing circuit. Because the trailer is now equipped with lighting on a dual circuit, some of the lamps (left or right) and the main lighting will remain on – even in the event of a short circuit.

Once the issue causing the short circuit has been resolved the interrupted circuit will automatically kick back in. The modulator will protect the powerbox against return current, dual use, full discharge and maximum voltage.



Electrical connector for charging while driving



24-hour autonomous power to light your trailer



Secondary circuit, short-circuit protected

Type 1


Type 2

Low loaders

Type 3

Short trailers

Easy to connect and disconnect

Disconnecting the device is a piece of cake. Just take the plug from the truck (tractor) to the trailer and the lights will turn on. If the driver doesn’t plug the powerbox into the trailer, a blink code will display confirming that the Safety Power LED has been charged and is ready for use.

Increased safety

The Safety Power LED’s marker lamps can remain on for around 24 hours. This guarantees excellent visibility for your trailer in the dark and in poor weather conditions. The result is that you not only protect your own property, but also make things safer for other road users.

Quick installation, rugged design

Installing the Safety Power LED is quick and easy work, without requiring the addition of extra lights. Simply connect the system to the standard lighting power supply (that you interrupt): front, side and rear markers. Nice bonus: the components are 100 % waterproof and shock resistant.

Technical specifications





quick and easy


Blink code signalling that the system is active or ready for use

Battery capacity

24-hour battery


24 Volt DC operation with 20 W dual circuit


Automatic shutdown of the power supply in the event of a short circuit

Return current protection, dual use, full discharge, maximum voltage 


Completely separate secondary circuit acting as backup for the existing circuit

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